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      Laiwu City, Shandong Province Ruiguang rubber additives plant in May 2004 was incorporated in the professional fine chemical products manufacturing enterprises. (The predecessor of Shandong Province is the chemical plant in Shandong Chemical Plant three plants, Sinopec made a fixed-point enterprises) with Shandong and Inner Mongolia, three production plants and a pilot plant base, supporting a sound laboratory and laboratory.

In 1994, enterprises to build factories.
In 1995, in response to China Petrochemical auxiliaries domestic industry policy, construction for the Qilu Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber antioxidant TNPP domestic construction supporting device. Antioxidant TNPP won the third session of the National New Products and New Technology Expo Gold Award.
In 1996, the antioxidant TNPP production process and product technical indicators to the United States General Electric (GE) company standards. The full realization of the localization of additives requirements.
1997, in order to solve the rubber molding agent SJ-103 main components of pentachlorothiophenol DMF solvent production of pollution problems, the completion of ethanol solvent production process, to achieve the production process of environmental pollution.
In 1998, the completion of antioxidant DSTDP, DLTDP pilot.
In 1999, antioxidant 168 to achieve industrial production.
In 2000, the construction completed dyes intermediate DSD acid project.
In 2001, the completion of the plant two workshops sub-unit operation.
2002-2004, through the ups and downs of China's state-owned enterprises.
In May 2004, Laiwu City Ruiguang Rubber and Plastic Auxiliaries Factory was established, the enterprise target located in the focus on fine chemical manufacturing, professional rubber and plastic additives production, concentrate on creating value for the partners.
In 2005, environmentally friendly non-polluting organometallic complex rubber plasticizer R put into operation.
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