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      Laiwu City, Shandong Province Ruiguang rubber additives plant in May 2004 was incorporated in the professional fine chemical products manufacturing enterprises. (The predecessor of Shandong Province is the chemical plant in Shandong Chemical Plant three plants, Sinopec made a fixed-point enterprises) with Shandong and Inner Mongolia, three production plants and a pilot plant base, supporting a sound laboratory and laboratory. The main products are rubber additives: rubber plasticizer, rubber tackifying resin, dispersant, antioxidant and so on. Plastic additives: PVC processing modifier ACR resin. Which antioxidant TNPP won the third national new products, new technology Expo Gold Award. Consistent with the standards of similar products from COPTON and Mark in the United States (carbon isisal alcohol instead of nonylphenol). Antioxidant TNPP is mainly used in petrochemical enterprise synthetic rubber (SBR) device, Weston-399 supporting the use of linear polyethylene LLDPE device, Mark JX-3 in the rubber modified ABS, SBS and other devices used as a stabilizer. Chemical plasticizer SJ-103 is mainly used in rubber mastication process, for the processing of radial tire processing aids, and Germany Bayer Renacit-Ⅶ products, the annual production capacity of 1,500 tons. Environmental protection plasticizer products meet the EU REACH regulations, widely used in green tires and green rubber products. Ethanol solvent process of environmentally friendly production of pentachlorobenzene thiophenol, the first domestic production. Environmental plasticizer DBD for the first domestic industrial production enterprises, pioneering use of aniline + sulfur monochloride + benzoyl chloride three-step synthesis, eliminating the reduction of nitro to ammonia pollution. Super-thickening alkylphenol-polyacetylene resin on the standard BASF's KORESIN, and customer equipment technology features to develop a softening point 120-150 degrees of products to meet customer needs.
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