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Tearing resistant resin

Product introduction

1. The tearing resistant resin is a polymer composed of amorphous structures and crystals. As a functional resin, can be widely used in natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber, polar and non-polar rubber, can significantly improve the adhesive viscosity and processing properties.

2. The tearing resistant resin can be used in the truck and the tread surface, effectively improving the cutting and tearing resistance of the tread rubber, and resisting the floral block performance.

3. The tearing resistant resin can be used in the car tire and can effectively improve the wet and slippery ground performance of the tread.

4. The compatibility of tearing resin with rubber is good, and the addition amount of 3-20% can give good dynamic performance to the rubber. It can replace aromatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phenolic resins in aviation, military industry, high-speed rail rubber parts, automotive electrical insulation materials and high-end ship rubber flooring, which is fully in line with the requirements of European REACH regulations.

Packaging and storage

25 kg / bag; paper plastic composite bag, dry and cool place, storage period of two years.

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