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Environmental chemical chemical agent A-86

Product Description: Mixture of 2,2 '-dibenzoylaminodiphenyl disulfide (DBD) with organometallic complex and dispersant
Technical indicators:

Nature: environmentally friendly plasticizer A-86 for the DBD derivative products, blue-gray granular, compared with the traditional powder-like plasticizer in the processing performance and working environment has greatly improved, and free flow, suitable for Automatic weighing. This product does not contain chlorine elements, under normal conditions, the use of no harm in the low temperature, dry storage conditions, good stability.
Uses: natural rubber and unsaturated synthetic rubber in the open mill or mixer on the plastic to join, you can improve the plasticizing efficiency, more than 70 ℃ in the plastic effect, at 150-160 ℃ when the best effect. A86 can catalyze the breakage of the molecular chain during the plasticizing process, and can be combined with the free radicals at the chain ends of the rubber molecules to prevent the free radicals from being broken at the end of the rubber breakage, so that the Mooney viscosity of the raw rubber can be reduced rapidly The time to reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs and improve production capacity.
2, can also be added with the accelerator M, DM at the same time; 3, direct mixing preparation of a carbon black masterbatch, in the early mixing to join. The addition amount is 0.1-0.5% by weight of the compound.

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