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Peptizer SJ-103

Rubber plasticizer SJ-103 is a kind of thiophene chemical plasticizer, suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic. The use of this plasticizer can improve the plasticity of rubber and plastic processing efficiency, can shorten the plasticizing time about one-third, save energy and improve labor productivity. This product is a more efficient energy efficient rubber processing aids. Product performance and performance with the foreign plasticizer Lei Nasi-7 (Renacit-VII) quite, and the British Dunlop and Italy Pelei company quality testing recognized. I unit Laiwu City Ruiguang rubber and plastics additives plant (the predecessor of Shandong Province Luzhong Chemical Plant Chemical Plant) technical staff relying on professional research institutions, the use of environmentally friendly ethanol solvent production process, than the traditional DMF solvent technology more advanced, Product purity, the use of more stable and efficient.
This product is suitable for high and lower temperature mastication, open mill, mixer can be used, low temperature mastication temperature of 50-80 ℃, high temperature plastic melting temperature of 130-160 ℃, The physical and mechanical properties of the rubber and the performance after aging are not adversely affected.
This product is non-toxic, partially melted, almost insoluble in water and most organic solvents. At room temperature, dry, moisture, dark conditions, sealed storage for 10 months no effect on product performance.

Indicator name

Technical indicators

nition margin (900 ± 25 ° C, 2 hours)  ≤%


Heating reduction (70 ± 2 ° C, 2 hours)≤%


Sieve residue (100 mesh)≤%



Delicate light gray or light yellow powder

Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Add method:
1. Plastic added alone.
2. With accelerator M and promoter DM at the same time.
Usage amount:
In natural rubber, according to the weight of the compound 0.1-0.3% added.
In the synthetic rubber: SBR 1.5-2.0 ‰ (130-150 ℃)
           Nitrile rubber 2.5-3.5 ‰ (130-150 ℃)
Neoprene 2.5-3.5 ‰ (80-1-110 ℃)
Butyl rubber 0.15-0.8% (100-1-170 ° C)
Clodine 0.15-2.5% (130-160 ° C)
Isoprene 0.15-0.3% (80-150 ° C)
This product is lined with plastic bags, the outer layer of paper and plastic bags. Each net weight 20kg

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