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Chemical plasticizer R

One: product brief
Rubber plasticizer is a kind of processing aids to accelerate the process of raw rubber and plastic, adding a small amount can save the working hours, reduce energy consumption, receive significant economic and social benefits.
At present, many kinds of domestic and foreign production of a variety of plasticizer, mostly aromatic thiophenol derivatives, the role of reliable, but there are odor or a slight toxicity, the newly developed disulfide, such as Pitt, the price is high, Extensive use is limited.
I plant relying on the Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute development and production of plasticizer R is a new type of compound chemical plasticizer, through the chemical action, to promote early rubber mechanical damage and chemical cracking, enhanced plastic refining effect, shorten Plasticizing time, saving energy, improve equipment efficiency, reduce production costs.
Two: technical standards
1, appearance: gray or gray green uniform powder
2, heating reduction% ≤ 2.5
3, decomposition temperature ℃ ≥ 300
4, 100 mesh sieve residue% ≤ 0.5
5, Packing: 20 kg / bag (paper and plastic bags plus polyethylene bags)
Three; product performance
1, plasticizer R for raw rubber low-temperature plastic and high temperature plasticization.
2, the amount of plasticizer R vulcanization curing, the physical and mechanical properties of products have no effect.
3, plasticizer R insoluble in water, alcohol, benzene and the general solvent, non-toxic, harmless to the human body, the use of safe and stable.
4, plasticizer R for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and rubber.
Four: economic benefits
1, the use of plasticizer R can shorten the plasticizing time more than one-third.
2, the use of plasticizer R can save electricity 200 ---- 300 degrees / ton of plastic.
3, the use of plasticizer R can be connected to more than 30% of cooling water.
Five: the amount and use of methods
1, the amount: 0.15-0.3%
2, feeding:
This product is used in raw rubber plastic refining, can be directly in the form of powder feeding. Powder can also be made in the form of raw materials. But should avoid the mother rubber refining. Plastic refining, the agent feeding time sooner the better.
In the use of mixing machine under the conditions of plastic, should be finished after the plastic block, the top of the test before the pressure into the agent, must be directly into the powder, more appropriate to use plastic bags to reduce the loss.
In the use of open mill under the conditions of plastic molding, should be in the raw material after the break, the first thin pass slowly add the plasticizer. Raw rubber thin pass the number can be halved. In order to make the agent evenly dispersed, to maintain plastic consistent, would rather thin pass once. No thick knife to extend more than one or two minutes, the total time can be shortened a lot of plastic molding.
Six: storage
1, storage should pay attention to moisture, the goods should be placed in a suitable temperature, dry coffers, and the distance between the walls of not less than 0.5 meters. Do not place near, sewers and heating equipment to prevent moisture and heat deterioration.
2, the product performance is stable, can be stored for two years, the analysis can continue to use qualified.
3, plasticizer R in the transport should avoid the sun and rain, transport should be dry, unloading, do not make the bag damage.

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