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Pentachlorothiol zinc salt

Chemical name: zinc pentachlorophenol
Divided: 628.1 6
CAS NO : 1 1 7-97-5
Technical indicators:

Nature: odorless, class white flowing powder, non-polluting. 335 ° C melting and decomposition. Do not dissolve in water and most organic solvents.
Uses: This product is synthetic rubber (butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber) and natural rubber compounds in the low temperature or high temperature plasticizer when the plasticizer, the use of this product can shorten the plastic molding time Do not change the performance of the compound, it will not cause rubber scorch. Promoter M and tank black will reduce its effectiveness. This product is also a weak accelerator, the goods can also be used as natural rubber regeneration activator. The amount is generally 0.1-0.4 copies.

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