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Dispersant FS-97

Chemical composition: A metal soap mixture of synthetic surfactants
Technical indicators:

Nature: This product is non-toxic
Functional performance: 1, the product to improve the internal lubrication function. 2, carbon black surface lubricant. 3, high-performance plasticizer, both chemical and physical plasticizer function. 4, efficient uniform dispersant
Uses: This product is suitable for NR, BR, SBR, NBR.
1, to enhance the internal lubrication effect: FS a 97 in the rubber processing due to the excellent lubrication performance and make plastic plastic and filler dispersion to speed up.
2, to improve the effect and efficiency of compound mixing: FS-97 significantly reduce the rubber compound processing heat, improve mixing efficiency, save energy and improve equipment utilization.
3, to improve the quality of rubber material stability: FS a 97 to improve the affinity between the various components of the rubber to avoid the phenomenon of the production of frosting; at the same time to accelerate the dispersion of the filler to improve the uniformity of the compound, Has a strong dispersion effect and has excellent homogenizer and chemical digicide function, for improving the quality of rubber batch batch effect is particularly prominent.
Dosage: the amount used is generally 1-2ptlr appropriate.

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