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Dispersant HT-5

Rubber Carbon Black Dispersant HT-5
1, the technical indicators Index Name Index Appearance white to light yellow powder or granular ash (inorganic),% ≤ 30.00 Heating loss,% ≤ 2.00 pH 4.0-6.0 2, Composition: Surfactant and metal organic compounds mixture. 3, use: The main purpose of the product for the carbon black and plastic flow dispersant, to improve the processing properties of rubber, shorten the mixing time. 4, Packing: 25 kg lined with plastic bags, plastic woven bags.
HT-5 Rubber Carbon Black Dispersant is a general-purpose processing aid capable of comprehensively improving the processing properties and finished product quality. Its main function is to solve the dispersion of carbon black and other powder in the compound, , Plasticizing the viscosity reduction, anti-coke and other effects, with a good carbon black dispersion effect, can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the compound to improve the safety and efficiency of processing, can reduce the required shear strength and Mooney viscosity , Shorten the mixing time 1/3, saving energy; at the same time to increase the wear resistance of the tire, increase the amount of carbon black and synthetic rubber, saving natural rubber. Can replace foreign products. Has a high added value.

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