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Tackifying resin 203

Chemical name: texime phenol formaldehyde resin, p-tert-octyl phenol formaldehyde resin

CAS NO.:  26678-93-3
Technical indicators:

(85-95 ℃), low methylol content, no odor, flammable, soluble in most of the organic solvent , Insoluble in water.
Uses: is a variety of synthetic adhesive and natural rubber adhesive enhancer, especially butyl rubber, SBR, butadiene rubber, EPDM better, mainly for the amount of synthetic rubber, and requires Processing of good adhesive properties of rubber products, such as tire sideways and belt, conveyor belt and so on. Can be used to produce tires, belts, hoses, food containers, gaskets and soles. The resin is used as a tackifier in a reference amount of 2 to 6 parts.
Storage: stored in the room, dry and ventilated, high temperature, fire, storage period of 3 years.
Packing: composite paper bag, lined with plastic film bag, net weight 25 kg.

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