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Reinforcing resin 205

    Name: Reinforced resin
    Uses: The resin is a natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber (such as styrene butadiene, nitrile, chloroprene, butyl, EPDM) reinforcing agent. The resin has good plasticity during processing, thus facilitating the dispersion of the filler.
    In the vulcanization before the plasticizing effect, after curing can improve the hardness of the compound, tear, wear resistance, strength and extension, and the elongation of the material slightly reduced to extend the scorch time, reduce the rubber Mooney viscosity The Can be used to manufacture tires, heels, soles, conveyors and so on.
    Application Guide: The resin is used in an amount of 8 to 40 parts, and 7 to 10% hexamethylenetetramine (HMT) with respect to the resin content is added as a methylene donor to carry out a crosslinking reaction. In order to prevent the occurrence of scorching in the refining process,
Need to join the resin in the early, and HMT should be late in the late refining with the accelerator, sulfur added together.
    Packaging: wrapped in lined with plastic bag kraft paper bag, each generation net weight 25kg.
    Storage: stored in the room, dry and ventilated, high temperature, fire, storage period of one year. More than the storage period, the test can still be used.
    Quality Standard:


Softening Point(℃)


ight yellow to light brown granules


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