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Acetylene resin

P-tert-butylphenol acetylene resin (208 resin)
Product Description: p-tert-butyl phenol and acetylene condensate, used in the rubber industry to improve tire adhesion of the adhesive.
Ø Product nature:
Ø Appearance: yellow or brown solid particles
O Odor: almost tasteless
Ø Softening point (Universal method / DIN 52011): 135-150 ° C
Ø Dropping point (DIN 51801): 140-160 ° C
Ø Density (20 ° C): 1.02-1.04 g / cm3
Solubility: Soluble in hydrocarbon compounds
Storage stability: long-term storage unlimited.
Ø Application:
1) used as tackifier:
2) recommended 208 resin used to enhance the semi-finished rubber compound adhesive to facilitate the production. For example, tire ring, refurbished tire ring, conveyor belt, V-belt, industrial pipe, cable, roller with glue and lining material. This product makes natural rubber and synthetic rubber in high temperature, high humidity and other harsh conditions with good long-term or short-term viscosity, adhesion can last for several weeks. Under normal circumstances it does not affect the vulcanization process.
3) 208 resin to enhance the heat aging properties of rubber products and dynamic loading under the aging performance. It improves the extrusion performance of the rubber, to promote the best degree of dispersion of carbon black, thereby enhancing the wear resistance. The storage stability of the compound is not affected.
4) It is recommended to add 2-5 parts of 208 resin. Within this range, the physical properties of the vulcanized rubber remain unchanged.
5) in the early mixing to add 208 resin can get the best results. This allows the softened 208 tackifier to be uniformly dispersed, otherwise the resin is only equivalent to the filler in the compound and does not exhibit its viscosity. Almost all plasticizers in the rubber formulation reduce the softening point of the 208 resin due to its dissolution characteristics. At temperatures above 130 ° C, the 208 resin can be added to the kneader together with the plasticizer and filler. Thus, the process performance of the rubber compound to which 208 resin is added is not affected. The blend of resin and plasticizer is suitable for low-plastic rubber compounding, which produces only a small amount of heat when mixed. It is possible to produce a blend of plasticizers by heating.
6) with 2 to 50% of the 208 resin gasoline solution can be used as a two-layer rubber adhesive (mortar). In order to form a better adhesive tape, care must be taken to dissolve the upper rubber in the resin solution. Through the rubber compound of sulfur
And evenly bonded. This solution enhances the adhesion of rubber to fibers and metals for rubber lining.

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