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Antioxidant / Stabilizer TNPP (W-399)


Packing: galvanized iron packaging 200Kg / barrel, or plastic drum packaging 40Kg / barrel.
    This product is non-polluting heat-resistant antioxidant antioxidant. Applicable to SBS, TPR, IPS, PS, SBR, BR, PVC, PE, PP, ABS and other rubber and plastic elastomer, thermal oxygen stable high efficiency, the use of the process does not change color, especially suitable for non-discoloration stabilizer. No color on the product noodles, widely used in white and Chromic products. It is possible to improve the heat resistance and the oxidation resistance of the rubber and plastics products and to prevent the resinization phenomenon in the manufacture and storage of the polymer. Inhibit the gel formation and viscosity increase phenomenon, to prevent the thermal oxidation of rubber products and yellowing.
Chemical name: tris (nonylphenyl phosphite) Molecular formula: Co5H6903P
Molecular weight: 688
Technical indicators:

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