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Cerium oxide glass clarifier

    Rare earth composite glass clarifier is our factory specializing in the production of rare earth environment-friendly glass clarifier, is a substitute for highly toxic white arsenic the best glass clarifier, the clarifier containing CeOz and other rare earth elements, the effect is better than other glass clarifier, Widely used in fine white material, high white material, such as white color glass.
    Features: 1, this product is suitable for a variety of oxidation atmosphere melting glass, non-toxic pollution.
    2, the product of glass clarification effect is good, especially the decolorization effect is better than other composite glass clarifier, under the same conditions and white arsenic compared to its light transmittance can be increased by 1 to 2%.
    3, this product to replace the white arsenic, a substantial decline in production costs, and according to the actual situation to reduce the amount of some of the colorants selenium, drilling the amount of glass clarifier to reduce the use of nitrate.
    Use and custody: 1, the product is suitable for a variety of glass with the material side.
    2, the introduction of molten glass in the product, the amount of general and white arsenic, or according to the introduction of glass frit 0.5-0.6KG.
    3, the product in the oxidation and reduction of the use of the same atmosphere, and still be able to obtain clarification and decolorization effect.
    4, the use of oxidizing atmosphere, abolish the amount of nitrate, is conducive to extend the life of the furnace, saving selenium, drilling the amount of coloring agent about 80%.
    5, this product does not need to be used in conjunction with other clarifier decolorizer, and replace the white arsenic and other complex clarification decolorization.
    6, the beginning of the use of this product, because the furnace is still retained in the original clarification bleaching agent part, so the use of oxidizing atmosphere, the amount of nitrate can not be reduced temporarily, to be a week later, can gradually reduce the amount.
    7, change the clarifier during the process should be basically stable, such as fuel, raw materials, melting temperature, the amount of material and so on.
    8, with the original clarifier equivalent substitution, the first step to replace half of the clarifier, that is, the original clarifier reduced by half, plus half of the product, selenium powder dosage reduced by half, observed 3 days, no abnormal changes and then the second Step, the original clarifier will be canceled.

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